Paragon Innovations Develops an Automotive Transmission Embedded System for Motorola and Chrysler.

Motorola and Chrysler benefited from the Paragon Innovations philosophy of integrated hardware and software engineering processes, sensitivities to the manufacturing environment, complete documentation and client ownership of IP. The project was completed on time and on budget with Paragon clearly playing a key role for Motorola in support of their relationship with Chrysler.


Chrysler, a long-term customer of Motorola, submitted an automotive transmission embedded system development request that overtaxed the immediate capabilities of Motorola. With an order of millions of units at stake, the resource and documentation needs of the assignment led Motorola to Paragon Innovations, known for being exceptionally skilled in blended hardware and software engineering solutions. Motorola won the order after a face-to-face meeting between Paragon Innovations and Chrysler convinced Chrysler that their stringent product and timetable demands in gearing up for the 2002 model year could be met.

Paragon developed the required board in advance of the availability of the microprocessor. Anticipating potential flaws in the initial microprocessor design, Paragon Innovations wrote the specs for a reference platform into the project design. Upon failing tests at Motorola, Paragon re-tested the microprocessors on their boards – and they worked. This bought valuable development time for correcting the minor microprocessor design flaws while the embedded system was finalized, avoiding potential jeopardy of the manufacturing timetable for 2002 models.


  • Motorola delivered on time and on budget for Chrysler.
  • Motorola reinforced their relationship with Chrysler.
  • Complete hardware and software documentation – including IP rights – were provided to Chrysler as a value-add.
  • Virtually every Chrysler product relies on the embedded system designed, tested, proven and documented by Paragon Innovations.