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What is the advantage of outsourcing product development and engineering services? more » « less
Typically, product development schedules are driven by market demand or revenue goals. Most companies have more projects than their current engineers can handle given the pressure to deliver right away. By outsourcing their product development, companies gain third-party perspective, vision and experience, increased project accountability and a way to design and deliver a project on schedule. By outsourcing to Paragon Innovations, companies benefit from our extensive on-time, on-budget performance record.

At what point in the development process should you engage an outsource engineering firm? more » « less
Ideally, outsourced engineering includes the entire product development process from initial product concepts and early feature set identification to a complete documentation package ready for manufacturing. Outsourced engineering is not limited to schematic capture and software development. It is a much broader collection of services. To receive the maximum benefit of your outsourced partner, involve them in the very early steps of your new product.

What should you look for when choosing an engineering partner? more » « less
It is paramount to review the proposed outsourcing partner's written engineering process standards and understand who owns the intellectual property (IP). At Paragon, our customers gain all IP rights, unless negotiated otherwise. We provide the IP in terms of the product developed, as well as step-by-step documentation so the IP never walks away, even if project leaders or team members do. When choosing a partner, you also should review samples of project documentation from projects completed by the provider. Additionally, you should meet with the staff that might be assigned to your project and determine how they typically communicate their progress. Does the provider have formal status reporting, email, and videophone capability? It is easy for a provider to answer yes to all of these questions, the question is - can they prove it?

Who owns your design? more » « less
You do. As the customer, you gain all IP rights. Paragon not only provides the IP in terms of the product developed, but also offers step-by-step documentation so the IP never walks away, even if project leaders or team members do. At Paragon, client-owned IP is a fundamental requirement.

How long does a typical project take? more » « less
It varies, depending on customer needs, project scope, time-to-market requirements and other variables. We've found that a typical project requires 12 to 26 weeks, but we've also completed projects requiring enhancements to prior client projects in 1-4 weeks and other large projects are over 2 years long.

How much does a typical project cost? more » « less
The variables of a "typical" project are vast, meaning there really is no typical project.  We welcome a discussion about your project to determine how Paragon can best serve your development needs.

What constitutes a change/revision vs. a fix? more » « less
Most projects involve some amount of change. Determining the difference between a design change and a bug fix can sometimes be difficult. At Paragon, changes are defined as anything not completely specified in the requirements specification and proposal. Ambiguity often requires the requirements specification to be amended.


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