Renesas and Paragon Relationship

Renesas/Hitachi and Paragon have been working together since 1990!

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Paragon has been designing with Hitachi prior to the Hitachi/ Mitsubishi merger in 2003 and subsequent merger with NEC in 2010. From the early days of the 6300 series, H8, H8S, M16, and SH to the more recent RL78, RX, RZ, and Synergy platform, Paragon has developed products around Renesas technologies.

Renesas IDH Program

Renesas has partnered with 6 select Platinum Partners that are Independent Design Houses (IDH) around the world. All are experts at helping customers design products with Renesas MCUs. IDH partners have unique access to technical resources within Renesas. Our engineers receive specialized training around Renesas components and as Certified Alliance Design Services Partners, we gain insight into new product releases that give us advanced expertise with particular technologies.

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Example Reference Board from Renesas

Renesas RL78 Reference Board