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Why Paragon Innovations

Choosing the right engineering and product development company for your project is crucial. For over 19 years, Paragon Innovations has been working with Fortune 500, as well as startup companies, to deliver engineering excellence.

Top 10 Reasons Organizations Select Paragon Innovations

  1. Paragon's Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ is the best documentation in the industry. more » « less
    Our company was founded on the belief that superior documentation is the key to product development excellence. Our Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ details step by step the design and development process for your product down to the manufacturing specifications. Our documentation provides our clients a model methodology for their future product development.
  2. Our clients own the IP when the project is complete. more » « less
    Unlike many outsourced companies, we believe the client owns the IP of the product. We also strongly believe that this IP should be documented and preserved. Our Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ ensures the IP stays with the client.
  3. We improve our client's time to market. more » « less
    We hear time and again how Paragon can design and develop a product faster than our clients' internal resources. For this reason, Paragon continues to be the partner of choice for delivering new products to market.
  4. We improve our clients' ROI. more » « less
    We are not simply an engineering firm, we are also business analysts. By collaborating at the earliest product development stage, we help companies identify product opportunities and ultimately make better business decisions. We help you design and manufacture products that are cost effective and profitable.
  5. We help relieve sudden, unexpected workload demands. more » « less
    Project delays can happen at any time. Paragon's team of engineers can step in at any point in the development process to help you meet critical deliver dates.
  6. Our proprietary tracking system provides superior communication at every step. more » « less
    Paragon's MPT™ issue tracking system ensures that changes are tracked and controlled from recognition of a need through implementation of a solution. The progress of each project can be tracked through a secure extranet web site. This site gives the client up to the minute access to project status and design documentation.
  7. Our end-to-end perspective helps deliver manufacturable products that are reliable, cost-effective and meet customer needs. more » « less
    Paragon engineers are experts at understanding how a product design must meet the usability of the customer. Before we begin our product design, our engineers thoroughly research the environment in which the product will be used, as well as the manufacturing resources to produce the product. We take DFM and DFT issues into account with our manufacturing resources. Our designs maximize function and usability, and are easily manufactured based on the client's current resources.
  8. Paragon's experience and knowledge gained through years of product development projects. more » « less
    With over 19 years experience at delivering successful projects, Paragon has gained invaluable expertise through the diversity, as well as complexity, of developing products across multiple industries. Our clients benefit from this expertise by gaining knowledge that allows Paragon to enhance our clients' internal resources to get the project successfully completed.
  9. Leading organizations rely on Paragon Innovations. more » « less
    Organizations across the U.S. including 3M, B-Braun, Siemens, Panasonic, Hitachi, Medtronics and Motorola rely on Paragon for engineering expertise in new product development. Our diverse customer base and extensive experience ensures we are the best outsourced engineering and product development firm for your project.
  10. Paragon's engineers are bilingual in hardware and software experience and knowledge. more » « less
    At Paragon, our engineers are experts in both hardware and software technology, which enhances our ability to design superior products. In addition, we design products from a business perspective to ensure the products are cost-effective to manufacture and address the customer's needs.

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