Video Technology

Adding Video to A Project Is Extraordinarily Challenging, Call Us, Don't Learn The Hard Way

Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor

Cardiac Patient Monitoring System This FDA approved device combines continuous cardiac output monitoring with critical cardiac parameters in a single device.

Edwards Hemosphere Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor

Digital Wall Display

3M Digital Wall Display This device was the flagship display system for 3M Visual Systems Division. IT uses DLP display technology and processes images for extreme off-axis keystoning.

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Digital Wall Display

Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor

Cardiac Monitoring System This FDA approved cardiac monitoring system uses DSP and precision control systems to provide continuous cardiac output data.

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Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor

In-car Navigation System

Rental Car Built In Navigation "System that provides GPS navigation, cellular communication and turn by turn directions for rental cars."

Hertz Navigation Solutions Neverlost System In-car Navigation System

Android Time Clock

Electronic Benefits Administration "With the ability to integrate Android Apps, this system supports both employee time keeping and benefits administration in a single device."

Paycom Timecard Machine Android Time Clock

Football Helmet Camera

Rugged Hi Definition Video Camera This high definition video camera system allows a wireless view of what the player sees on the field.

SVI Helmet Camera Football Helmet Camera

Developing video technology when you aren't Samsung or Apple is challenging in today's marketplace. Identifying available parts and technologies can be more challenging than the actual design itself.

Paragon excels in video product innovations, with cutting-edge technologies and cost-effective methods of design and production. From product development to an embedded system, Paragon approaches every project from a thorough understanding of business objectives and customer usability.

Our video design capabilities include:

  • 3D and high definition imaging
  • Video projectors
  • Extreme off-axis projection
  • Rear projection HDTV
  • Video compression
  • Video scaling
  • Flight information display systems
  • Airline Video Docking Systems (VDOCKS')
  • Outdoor displays
  • LED/LCD/OLED displays
  • Video processing
  • Video image conversion
  • Check out our case studies to see some of the video devices we've developed.
  • Video streaming
  • Compact camera integration
  • Chemical detection and analysis
  • Raster image processor design and implementation
  • Printer drivers (Mac OS/Unix/Linux/Windows)
  • Still cameras, scanners, and X-ray image capture systems
  • Biometric image sensors
  • LCD projectors
  • Video cameras (IR, NIR, visible, thermal)
  • Video editing applications
  • Set-top boxes (DVB-C / DVB-S)
  • 3D rendering algorithms
  • Color management systems
  • File format converters and compression (JPEG, TIFF, MPEG, PICT, PNG, etc.)
  • DirectShow, QuickTime, and Windows video support

Check our case studies to see some of the video devices we've developed