Capstone Projects

Example of University Senior Projects Paragon Sponsors

Texas A&M Engineering.</li>

Paragon Innovations is the proud sponsor of Valance Solutions, a Capstone Experience Senior Project Team. With a $5,000 grant, Valance Solutions is designing a Pinewood Derby Management System (PDMS) to improve the efficiency and management of running large pinewood derby races conducted by the Boy Scouts of America. Paragon provided the team with a commercial specification of the PDMS and will provide the following during the semester:

  • Participate in design reviews
  • Provide oversight of established milestones
  • Review weekly status reports

Valance Solutions

In a world of complexity, it is important that clients are not overwhelmed while embracing new technologies. At Valance Solutions, our goal is clear: give clients the best in technology while keeping it simple. Our current projects include a Pinewood Derby Management System that gives the individuals in charge of the derby the tools they need to run an efficient and well organized race. Similar products on the market have fallen short in design because the end user was not in focus while functionality was added. Our product, the PWDMS, will work hard during pinewood derby events so the event operators can sit back and enjoy the race.

To learn more about Valance Solutions, please visit: '09/Valance/index.htm