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At Paragon, we believe that ownership of technology is important, but in order for it to be useful, one must possess the technology

In order to possess the technology, we need to provide the technology, design files, correspondance, etc. We provide it in paper form, the Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ and in electronic form, the Engineer-in-a-Disk™. Looking back, the delivery has been on diskettes, zipdisks, CDROMs, DVD-R, and USB sticks. We can only imagine what the future delivery mechanism will be.

Many engineers don't communicate well and don't document as they go along in a project. At Paragon, we only hire employees that can communicate well and understand the importance of documentation in a project


Example Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ contents*

  • Proposal
  • Customer Requirements
  • PCR / PCN
  • Project Document List
  • Hardware Theory of Operation
  • Software Theory of Operation
  • Mechanical 2D Drawings
  • Mechanical 3D Renderings
  • User Manual
  • Release Notes
  • Schematics
  • Programmable Logic


  • Timing Analysis
  • Project Specifications
  • Bill of Materials
  • Component Datasheets
  • PCB Artwork
  • Status Reports
  • Project Schedules
  • Correspondence
  • Design Notes
  • Source code
  • Hardware – Misc.
  • Software – Misc.

* Every Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ is unique and therefore not all items listed above are included.

* Medical products require far more documentation and tracability



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