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Mist Ecology

We met with the Paragon team early in our design process and found that they understood our (mechanical engineering) product well and were very helpful with early design ideas before it was a real project for Paragon. It was just the kind of support we needed at the time. Thanks Paragon!
Tim Jensen Vice President Mist Ecology


"Their value is beyond measure. They helped me, with their expertise and my parameters, to develop a product that has the best combination of 1. Light output, 2. Price, 3. Ease of installation and 4. Performance in the market."
Ron Farmer CEO US LED

BBraun Medical

"Based on the quality on our initial projects, I have asked them to manage the entire project for us, from beginning to end on two new IV pumps."
Gale White VP & General Manager BBraun Medical

BBraun Medical

"Their engineers were so good, I have asked them to do hazard analysis on one of our existing projects."
Gail White VP & General Manager BBraun Medical

BBraun Medical

We really like their outsourcing guide. To us this was like a roadmap.
Roger Hill R & D Manager BBraun Medical


"Paragon's electronics helped us to develop a new category of meeting presentation system,"" said Steve Saxe, Wall Display project manager, 3M Visual Systems Division. ""The display controller board developed with Paragon handles multiple-image inputs, including the new DVI digital standard, and incorporates state-of-the-art image processing to pre-correct optical distortion. We look forward to a long, successful relationship with the Paragon team.... (Paragon has) a staff of trained and disciplined engineers able to take this kind of project on. They have a rigorous design philosophy, and that was really a critical piece for us."
Steve Saxe Visual Systems Division Project Manager 3M

Schilling Robotics

"Unlike many outsourcing companies, Paragon Innovations knows how to take a concept and turn it into a design and is capable of seeing it through the manufacturing stage,"" said Carroll Perkins, chief electrical engineer at Davis, Calif.-based Schilling Robotics, a global supplier of tele-operated subsea systems, such as ROVs. ""We have used six outsourcing firms this past year, and Paragon Innovations is at the top of the list."
Carroll Perkins Chief Electrical Engineer Schilling Robotics

InterFlo Medical

"Paragon provided us with a very wide range of skills for both hardware and software development. Their engineer was not stuck on one type of a solution. He looked at the overall problem and picked what was most suitable for each situation. Paragon was a real solid contributor. The Paragon engineer produced excellent results. He was very enthusiastic about our project and contributed like he had a long-term interest in our company. If he had a good idea that he thought would help us, he shared it. He was there to do more than just what we asked of him. We ended up with a good solid design and innovative ways to implement solutions."
Mike Quinn VP of Research and Development InterFlo Medical

InterFlo Medical

"A cardiac monitor is a complicated instrument. You have sensitive analog and digital inputs and outputs, a high-speed digital signal processor and video output. They are very difficult to test. We ended up building our own Functional Test Box to do this task. Normally on a project like this you have to get two people, one with hardware experience and another with software talent. The Paragon Innovations engineer was able to give us insight into both our hardware and software problems. This is very unusual and it made the task much easier. Paragon came into the project early on . We assigned a lot of tasks to their engineer. He enabled us to be able to test and adjust the cardiac monitors. Without his work we may have not been able to produce the monitors at all. They are still being produced and tested with the FTB."
Tom Leete Hardware Engineering Manager InterFlo Medical

InterFlo Medical

Paragon Innovations took the lead role in developing software for our Functional Test Box. This was a critical piece of test equipment that simulated cardiac flow in a patient. We used the FTB to help test a cardiac output monitor we were developing and later manufacturing. The test box helped verify that the cardiac output measurements were correct. Paragon Innovations developed the software and took an active role in seeing that the project was completed on time. We were a start up company. We had pretty tight schedules with goals to please our investment bankers. It was an aggressive schedule and we met all of our deadlines. We were very pleased with work of Paragon Innovations.
Paul Woods Software Engineering Manager InterFlo Medical


"Paragon is an extremely cooperative third party [supplier], making it easy to consider you as part of the team. Your ability to fit into our processes and procedures has enhanced our relationship and makes outsourcing projects to you as easy as if you were right down the hall, rather than across the country."
Bill Homan Product Marketing Manager Hitachi


"We are pleased to have organizations such as Paragon on our team. At Hitachi, one of our goals is to provide our customers with an excellent out of the box experience, and Paragon Innovations helps us accomplish that goal. We carefully guard our customer experience and choose only veteran suppliers who consistently meet our high standards."
Lyle Supp Product Marketing Manager Hitachi

Communication Technology Corp

"...I can only say that I was totally blown away by [Paragon's] performance. [Our navigator] not only did what we asked in an efficient, professional manner, but also went beyond our requests to give us the best possible implementation in a very short time frame, even during the holiday season. He represented your company not only with professionalism, but also with courtesy, promptness, an eagerness to pleaseā€¦and competence in quickly reaching an understanding of our business to implement a complex [application]."
Jim Hardin Hardware Engineering Manager Communication Technology Corp


"We outsourced our LyteMode project to Paragon because we wanted to progress our line of luxury lighting systems and we needed technology design expertise that was above our in-house capabilities. Paragon's high-level professionalism and extensive technology design expertise resulted in a lighting design that will benefit Genlyte and its clients, and their good attitude made them a great team to work with."
Steve Carson VP and General Manager Genlyte

Alchemy Semiconductor

We chose Paragon Innovations to design and build the evaluation/test boards for the Au1000 because of their comprehensive design experience and in-depth documentation procedures. Paragon's design will be the launching point for our chip and it will help to set us apart as a premier system-on-a-chip provider.
Eric Broockman President & CEO Alchemy Semiconductor

MultiTechnology Services

They have been excellent. Paragon was very thorough. They were timely and they delivered what they said they would.
Michael Lanham President MultiTechnology Services


"For their niche and expertise, they're the Rolls Royce"
Nicky Otts CEO STAT2000


"In the highly competitive market of electronics contract manufacturing, we cannot afford to focus on a single industry. We service; consumer electronics, avionics, gas & oil, medical electronics, telecom and industrial markets. In order to provide the highest level of service to such a wide spectrum of clients, it is critical to have partners with the expertise that you can trust and depend on. We have been associated with Paragon Innovations for over three years and in that time; we have built a very strong strategic alliance. Their commitment to quality and their uncanny ability to provide insight into the customer product requirements is amazing, which is paralleled by their ability to deliver a finished product on time and on budget. We have no reservations on recommending Paragon Innovations to any one of our clients or utilizing their professional engineering services."
Steve Abeyta Sales Manager Votronics

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