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HVAC Spritzer

HVAC Energy Saving Device This system monitors the environment around and operation of an air-conditioning system and selectively applies a mist of water to the coils to improve efficiency.

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HVAC Spritzer

Luxury Watch Winding System

High End Watch Winder Classic techno-style industrial design provides an elegant way to both display and wind luxury watches.

Ambrelus Watch Winder Luxury Watch Winding System

Paragon Innovations offers a full range of mechanical engineering product design and development capabilities.

Paragon's mechatronics engineering design services provide our clients with superior design and end-product results. We offer cost-effective services and expertise to customers from various industries that help them develop new innovative products on time and on spec. By making Paragon part of your development team, we can increase efficiency, and significantly reduce additional design time.

Our mechatronics design engineering experience is in a variety of product categories including consumer products, medical devices, portable wireless devices, products, industrial products, and military equipment. Paragon's reputation for delivering quality products is a test of our experience and dedication to excellence.

Our mechatronics engineering services include:

  • Mechatronics design
  • Mechanical requirements development
  • DFM - Design for Manufacturability
  • UL / CSA / FDA design requirements
  • Seamless integration of electronics design, and PCB layout
  • Defensive Engineering™ of components and device packaging
  • 3D CAD layout and design
  • Prototyping of mechanical parts using Rapid Prototyping methods (SLA, SLS, FDM, etc.)
  • Photo-realstic product visualization
  • Testing and design verification
  • Material selection
  • Manufacturing support
  • Material and manufacturing specifications
  • Prototype development
  • Part procurement specifications
  • Process development, control, and improvement
  • Injection molded plastics
  • Chassis, enclosure, and panel design
  • Cable and connector design

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