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Unique Project Markets

We love unique projects...unique people, but mostly unique projects.

Emergency Responder Dispatch

Distributed system summons help. "This system utilizes wireless ""panic buttons"" to summon emergency responders using multiple lines of communication, include voice radio."

Secure Tech Security System Emergency Responder Dispatch

Malibu Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board This board provided an evaluation system for a new AMD microcontroller. The ROM OS developed by Paragon included a built in debugger.

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Malibu Processor Evaluation Board

3-Alarm Module

Dehydrator Monitor "The 3-Alarm Monitor tracks and reports issues with pressure, temperature and humidity in waveguides. Accurately tracks humidity at levels below 5% RH."

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HVAC Spritzer

HVAC Energy Saving Device This system monitors the environment around and operation of an air-conditioning system and selectively applies a mist of water to the coils to improve efficiency when appropriate.

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HVAC Spritzer

Luxury Watch Winding System

High End Watch Winder Classic techno style industrial design provides an elegant way to both display and wind luxury watches.

Ambrelus Watch Winder Luxury Watch Winding System

Outdoor sign LED modules for Neon replacements

LED Outdoor Signs "Paragon raised the standard of outdoor LED lighting with a new light module that ranked highest in: brightest light, most consistent light, least power consumed, and best price."

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Channel Letter LED Lighting

Next Generation DaVaR software

Outside Plant Telephone Test System Paragon was able to join CTC's internal team to collaboratively develop and deliver customized telecommunications software within the limited time frame to ensure CTC could supply one of their biggest customers.

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DaVaR telecom test equipment

Paragon is happy to provide a quote on a project that is in our capability no matter how unique the application. We love challenges and we love to help our cusomters find advantaes in their markets, whatever they are.

From innovative consumer products to combat gaming technology, Paragon Innovations has been involved with some very unique product development projects in a variety of industries. When you love technology and innovation, you have to get excited about improving an existing product, designing efficient and cost-effective embedded systems, or developing a product from idea to reality.

No matter what your idea is, we will take a hard look at making it a reality with our experience incorporating a myriad of technologies.

The following are just a few:

  • Multiple OSs: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Embedded Linux: (TimeSys, Monta Vista, Lynx OS, uCLinux), VxWorks, FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, Micrium, Win XPe, QNX, CE .NET, NetBSD, RTXC, Nucleus, Win CE, Symbian
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and DSP development
  • Implementing mesh networks
  • Incorporating video capture and streaming capabilities
  • Haptic sensors for vibration
  • Validation and testing services
  • Ruggedized computing systems
  • System simulation, integration, and test support
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Storage (SATA, AHCI, SCSI, HDD, CF, SD, NAND/NOR Flash)
  • Buses (1394, PCMCIA, PCIe, PCI, SPI, I2C, USB 2/3, RS485, Modbus)
  • Firmware upgrade strategies
  • Signal Processing/Conditioning

This list is not exhaustive of Paragon capabilities. If you are looking for something and wonder if it falls in our wide range of capabilities please contact us today.