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Since 1990, clients have come to us at different stages of product development. They've come to rely on Paragon Innovations to deliver engineering and product development expertise and help them bring their ideas to market. The following highlights some of the projects we've developed for our clients.


Project & Description
Product Photo

—"Paragon created a system that allows dedicated vehicle diagnostic and repair tools to be used remotely. The resulting product frees independent repair businesses to service the computer systems on a vehicle without having to invest in expensive, manufacturer specific test tools. To create this product, Paragon developed methodologies to quickly analyze new vehicle service protocols and develop applications software that allows the tools to operate as if they were co-located with the vehicle being serviced."

CDS ASTech2 Remote Automotive Diagnostics
CorInnova VAD

—Paragon created electronics and software support systems for supporting this innovative cardiac assist system during animal trials.

CorInnova VAD Ventricular Assist Device
Edwards Hemosphere

—"Paragon was a key member of the Edwards Hemosphere design team. Paragon designed much of the mechanical, several electronic subsystems and helped supervise tooling and the creation of custom connectors."

Edwards Hemosphere Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor
MiniMed Medtronic Insulin Pump Design 508

—Paragon was engaged to write the low level HAL and operating system code used to support this life-critical device.

Insulin Pump Design Model 508
MiniMed Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Pump Design

—Paragon was engaged to write the low level HAL and operating system code used to support this life-critical device.

Paradigm Insulin Pump Design
Paycom Timecard Machine

—Paragon developed an Android based time clock system. This system allows a digital time clock to directly update time information for payroll processing. In addition the system supports the ability to create Android applications to facilitate the use of the device to administer benefit management and other common personnel functions.

Paycom Timecard Machine Android Time Clock
SVI Helmet Camera

—"Paragon designed the first rugged, high definition video camera that fits on the nose bumper of a football helmet that provides a unique player point of view that is approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)."

SVI Helmet Camera Football Helmet Camera
CSPP Eyeseal

—Paragon created this system which uses proprietary sensing systems to monitor entry (normal and clandestine) into a shipping container. These entry events are recorded and time stamped in non volatile memory and are also transmitted via a GSM modem to a backend server. Location is determined using cell phone tower location and triangulation. This device has the unique ability to operate inside a metal cargo container without the use of external antennas.

Eyeseal Container Breach Detection System
Enfora Murano

—"This device created by Paragon connects to a vehicle's OBD-II port and monitors vehicle location using GPS, speed and driving habits (rapid acceleration, sharp turns, emergency braking, etc.) and reports this information to a backend server using a GSM modem."

Enfora Murano Driver Monitoring System
Blast Mask Breathing Monitor

—Firefighter Breathing Training Monitor

Blast Mask Breathing Monitor Firefighter breathing monitor
"Shock Watch, Inc" ShockTag

—"Paragon designed this battery operated product which is normally included in the packaging of high value goods. The device monitors and records, location shock, vibration, temperature and humidity. It contains a 3G cellular modem which is used to convey this information in real time."

Sonim Car Kit

—"Paragon created a ruggedized, military spec car kit. This carkit provides charging, hand free operation and push to talk operations for a specific set of ruggedizeds cell phones used by the military. The unit is currently used in front line vehicles by the US military."

Sonim Car Kit Military Cellular Car Kit
Hertz Navigation Solutions Neverlost System

—"Paragon performed the industrial design, electronics design and low level firmware design for the final generation Hertz Neverlost vehicle navigation system."

Hertz Navigation Solutions Neverlost System In-car Navigation System
GPSTracks Dog Tracker View case study

—"This system periodically uses GPS to determine if your dog is inside of a predefined area. If you pet leaves the area, the system uses SMS messaging to a common server to alert you to the location of your dog and provide directions to recover her."

Dog Tracker
B. Braun Vista Infusion Pump V & V Testing View case study

—Stringent development and verification processes are required for medical devices. Paragon performed all validation and verification testing on the new Vista Infusion Pump.

Vista Infusion Pump Verification and Validation
B. Braun Outlook Infusion Pump Development Project View case study

—"Paragon redesigned the Outlook series pumps with new hardware, new processors, new software, and new features such as barcoding and wireless. The previous pump series had component obsolescence concerns and didn't have computing horsepower for the new feature set required.

Outlook Infusion Pump Development Project
Alcon Labs Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulation System View case study

—"This system, developed by Paragon, was used by Alcon Labs during Phase 0 testing of a new generation of Photocoagulation Systems. In particular, this system allowed Alcon to configure and test various usability studies."

Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulation System
3M - Visual Systems Division Digital Wall Display View case study

—This flag ship product for the 3M Display Systems Division makes it possible to use a projection based display that allows presenters to stand in front of the display without interfering with the picture due to an extremely off-axis projection head. Paragon designed all of the electronics and software that processed these images in real time.

Digital Wall Display
Secure Tech Security System

—"Paragon supports this product which is used to summon emergency responders to specific locations in public settings, such as schools and court houses. Paragon is currently designing the next generation of this project."

Secure Tech Security System Emergency Responder Dispatch
ADViSYS Electroporation Medical Device View case study

—"ADViSYS (now VGX Animal Health, a subsidiary of Inovio Pharmaceuticals) selected Paragon to design and develop an inducer designed to introduce small molecules, DNA plasmids or dyes, into muscle fibers of animals through electroporation."

Electroporation Medical Device
AMD Malibu Evaluation Board View case study

—"AMD turned to Paragon to develop, in less than 10 weeks, an evaluation board using a brand new microprocessor. The board was then highlighted at a national tradeshow."

Malibu Processor Evaluation Board
Andrew Corp. 3-Alarm Module View case study

—"Paragon design the 3-Alarm Module for Andrew's dehydrator product line. This device was designed to accommodate multiple configurations, including various AC and DC power inputs to monitor pressure and relative humidity in wave-guide drying systems."

Mist Ecology HVAC Spritzer View case study

—"Paragon designed an HVAC energy-saving device that increases cooling capacity, reduces electricity usage, reduces pollution and CO2. The system is designed for outdoor operation in all weather conditions."

HVAC Spritzer
InterFlo/Baxer Healthcare Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor View case study

—"InterFlo Medical (Baxter Healthcare) partnered with Paragon to develop a new technology for measuring blood flow continuously. To this day, no competing device can continuously monitor cardiac output with this level of accuracy and patient safety.

Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor
Alstrom Shilling Robotic Arm View case study

—"Paragon helped Schilling Robotics develop customized power supply, valve and motor control systems for the ROV"

Alstrom Shilling Robotic Arm Robotic Arm
Ambrelus Watch Winder

—"The Ambrelus watch winder provides connoisseurs of fine watches to wind and display their precious collectors pieces. This system supports multiple winding methods, an elegant custom exterior including hand tooled leather and custom brushed metal aircraft style features."

Ambrelus Watch Winder Luxury Watch Winding System
InterFlo/Baxer Healthcare Vigilance Functional Test System View case study

—"InterFlo Medical (Baxter Healthcare) partnered with Paragon to develop a functional test box to act as both a factory test device and a patient simulator for a continuous cardiac output monitor. This test system allows the replay of all patient and animal testing data captured by the system during validation to ensure that updates will always perform better than previous revisions under all conditions.

Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor Functional Test System
US LED Outdoor sign LED modules for Neon replacements View case study

—Paragon has designed many outdoor signage products including neon sign replacements.

Channel Letter LED Lighting
Quest Medical Myocardial Protection System View case study

—Paragon designed Quest Medical's first Myocardial Protection System for use in cardiac surgery.

Myocardial Protection System
Paragon Innovations PETs (Paragon Embedded Telemetry System) View case study

—"Paragon designed PETs, a reference design for the development and deployment of GPS / GSM / CDMA telemetry devices."

Paragon Embedded Telemetry System
Motorola Transportation Systems Group Sabretooth Processor Reference Platform View case study

—Paragon developed an automotive transmission system reference platform for one of Motorola's largest automotive customers.

Sabretooth Processor Reference Platform
Halliburton/Dresser VTC-e Flowmeter View case study

—Paragon developed a low-power flow meter device for Halliburton.

VTC-e Flowmeter
Communication Technology Co. (CTC) Next Generation DaVaR software View case study

—"Paragon developed the next generation DaVaR software and hardware platform. Time was very critical on this project.

DaVaR telecom test equipment
Endophys BPM

—This product uses proprietary fiber optic technology to precisely measure blood pressure intravenously. The device has received FDA approval.

Endophys BPM Blood Pressure Monitor