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Outsourcing Guide

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

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Paragon Innovations is a leader in the engineering and product development segment of the outsourcing industry. Many newcomers to outsourcing are surprised at the level of detail that goes into a successful product development project. Bringing new products to market is a complex process that requires discipline and extreme focus on every detail.

Over the years, we've learned many lessons about the right way to outsource your product development project. As a result, we've created an invaluable guide to help our clients make informed, intelligent business decisions about choosing an outsourcing partner.

The Outsourcing Guide provides information that will:

  • Educate the reader on the outsourcing industry
  • Define the basic terminology used in outsourcing
  • Illustrate the full scope of product development
  • Help prepare the decision-influencer and decision-maker for the process of selecting an outsourcing partner

At Paragon, we know how important selecting the right product development firm is for your project. Our clients continue to rely on us to deliver superior services to meet their product development needs. Check out our client list and case studies to learn more about the projects we've developed.

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