iPhone (iOS) and Android Applications

20% of Millenials Are Mobile Only, The Future Is Now, Are You Ready?

Android Time Clock

Electronic Benefits Administration "With the ability to integrate Android Apps, this system supports both employee time keeping and benefits administration in a single device."

Paycom Timecard Machine Android Time Clock

PETs (Paragon Embedded Telemetry System)

IoT Demonstration System "PETs design is a cellular radio, carrier independent platform, including digital and analog I/O, local display and local serial communications."

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Paragon Embedded Telemetry System

Football Helmet Camera

Rugged Hi Definition Video Camera This high definition video camera system allows a wireless view of what the player sees on the field.

SVI Helmet Camera Football Helmet Camera

Firefighter breathing monitor

First Responder Training Support "This monitors air consumption of a firefighter during training, predicts usage of SCBA air tanks and allows trainers to view everything in real time using Bluetooth Low Energy."

Blast Mask Breathing Monitor Firefighter breathing monitor

Mobile is the future, talk to us about integrating iOS and Android applications into your project.

Mobile computing has become a staple of life and the ultimate connectivity tool to the systems and devices around us. We offer connectivity solutions for iOS and Android devices.

We develop products that either connect directly to the smart phones or connect wirelessly via bluetooth or WiFi. Example device / applications we can design include heart monitors, consumer electronics connectivity, and industrial control.

The advantages of using an iOS or Android device to connect to your existing system instead of developing a custom portable wireless device are multifaceted. The smartphones already have a very extensive user inferface and connectivity to 2G/3G/4G/WiFi and Bluetooth networks. More and more people already carry a smartphone and would prefer not to carry yet another gadget.

Since our inception, Paragon Innovations has provided superior software design services to our clients. As experts in both software and hardware design, our engineers pride themselves in designing products that exceed client expectations. We thrive on the challenge of optimizing the design to improve functionality, while reducing the size and cost of the product. The result is increased reliability and performance.

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