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Product Development from Start to Success

Why Paragon Innovations

Reasons Companies Select Paragon

Choosing the right engineering and product development company for your project is crucial. Since 1990 Paragon Innovations has been working with Fortune 500, as well as startup companies, to deliver engineering excellence.

At Paragon Innovations, we don't just design systems, we turn ideas into successful products that positively impact your bottom line. Our team of experts develop a thorough understanding of your strategic business goals. And our go-to-market tactics help you rapidly deploy new technologies and beat the competition.

Paragon Innovations transforms your product idea, marketing requirement, or product specification into a manufacturable product. We have the engineering team to meet your complete product development needs. Our experienced engineers and proven product development processes enable us to efficiently and effectively deliver a quality product. In addition, our project managers use structured reporting and accountability procedures to ensure that your product is on time and on budget.

As technology grows more complex, companies must increasingly outsource key development tasks. Working with Paragon Innovations can turn this potentially risky process into a positive experience. Paragon's ability to work with clients "from start to success" is a key factor.

From Start to Success™

We excel at developing products from inception. Our proprietary product development process covers all phases for full product development, including concept development, design, engineering development, testing, and product transition into manufacturing. Paragon assigns a Project Navigator to every project. The Project Navigator is a seasoned engineer who is responsible for understanding the client's business goals and ensuring accurate and timely completion of a design which achieves those goals.

Improved Communication at Every Step

Paragon's MPT™ issue tracking system ensures that changes are tracked and controlled from recognition of a need through implementation of a solution. The progress of each project can be tracked through a secure extranet web site. This site gives the client up to the minute access to project status and design documentation.

Documentation Excellence for IP

Paragon's Engineer-in-a-Notebook™ journals every process, step and specification of a customer's design from beginning to end. This central repository of intellectual property acts as a short- and long-term resource for production, product upgrades and more.

Each product we design has drawings, processes, schematics, software source code and any specific instructions that allow the product to move directly into manufacturing with little or no hassle.

Paragon Knowledge System™

Paragon maintains an extensive internal knowledge database WIKI that ensures best practices are developed and captured. With each project and the vast experience our employees bring, our knowledge database expands over time protecting our own IP for future employees. Our customers have access to this knowledge through each Paragon team member.

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