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Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor

Cardiac Patient Monitoring System This FDA approved device combines continuous cardiac output monitoring with critical cardiac parameters in a single device.

Edwards Hemosphere Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor

Paradigm Insulin Pump Design

MiniMed Medtronic FDA Approved Wearable Insulin Pump

Paradigm Insulin Pump Design

Ventricular Assist Device

Cardiac Support Pump This device uses an electro-pneumatic system to provide an extra “push” for weakened heart muscles.

CorInnova VAD Ventricular Assist Device

Insulin Pump Design 508

Wearable Insulin Pump This FDA Approved Wearable Insulin Pump allows diabetic patients to receive insulin at a steady rate and improves patient outcomes.

Insulin Pump Design Model 508

Remote Automotive Diagnostics

Remote OBD-II Test Support This device allows certified mechanics with test equipment located at remote locations anywhere to perform electronic diagnostic repairs or maintenance functions.

CDS ASTech2 Remote Automotive Diagnostics

Digital Wall Display

3M Digital Wall Display This device was the flagship display system for 3M Visual Systems Division. IT uses DLP display technology and processes images for extreme off-axis keystoning.

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Digital Wall Display

Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor

Cardiac Monitoring System This FDA approved cardiac monitoring system uses DSP and precision control systems to provide continuous cardiac output data.

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Vigilance Continuous Cardiac and SvO2 Monitor

Myocardial Protection System

Cardiac Support System This FDA approved device provides life sustaining nutrients to the heart while a patient is on bypass during open heart surgery.

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Myocardial Protection System

Electroporation Medical Device

Inovio Electroporation System his FDA approved medical device provides genetic therapy in patients using electroporation to allow for treatments inside cell walls.

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Electroporation Medical Device

Blood Pressure Monitor

Patient Monitoring System A Fiberoptic intravenous blood pressure monitor that provides outputs that emulate traditional blood pressure systems.

Endophys BPM Blood Pressure Monitor

Outdoor sign LED modules for Neon replacements

LED Outdoor Signs "Paragon raised the standard of outdoor LED lighting with a new light module that ranked highest in brightest light, most consistent light and least power consumed at the best price."

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Channel Letter LED Lighting

Military Cellular Car Kit

Ruggedized Mil-Spec Car Kit This system provides charging and hands free communications for military vehicles in combat environments.

Sonim Car Kit Military Cellular Car Kit

In-car Navigation System

Rental Car Built In Navigation "System that provides GPS navigation, cellular communication and turn by turn directions for rental cars."

Hertz Navigation Solutions Neverlost System In-car Navigation System

Android Time Clock

Electronic Benefits Administration "With the ability to integrate Android Apps, this system supports both employee time keeping and benefits administration in a single device."

Paycom Timecard Machine Android Time Clock

Outlook Infusion Pump Development Project

FDA approved enhancements A successfully designed automatic and configurated system can reduce drug delivery mistakes to prevent harm or possibly death of patients.

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Outlook Infusion Pump Development Project

Vista Infusion Pump V & V Testing

FDA V & V Test Protocol Review "Paragon was able to evaluate and review B. Braun's procedure, to ensure they would pass the stringent development and verification process that is required for the products they produce."

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Vista Infusion Pump Verification and Validation

Malibu Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board This board provided an evaluation system for a new AMD microcontroller. The ROM OS developed by Paragon included a built in debugger.

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Malibu Processor Evaluation Board

3-Alarm Module

Dehydrator Monitor "The 3-Alarm Monitor tracks and reports issues with pressure, temperature and humidity in waveguides. It accurately tracks humidity at levels below 5% RH."

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Next Generation DaVaR software

Outside Plant Telephone Test System Paragon was able to join CTC's internal team to collaboratively develop and deliver customized telecommunications software within the limited time frame to ensure CTC could supply one of their biggest customers.

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DaVaR telecom test equipment

Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulation

User interface test system. Alcon Labs used this device to develop and test an Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulation system with clinicians.

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Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulation System

VTC-e Flowmeter

Natural Gas Flow Meter Paragon turned a Microchip PIC microcontroller into an advanced low power processor that can last up to 5 years on batteries alone.

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VTC-e Flowmeter

HVAC Spritzer

HVAC Energy Saving Device This system monitors the environment around and operation of an air-conditioning system and selectively applies a mist of water to the coils to improve efficiency.

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HVAC Spritzer

PETs (Paragon Embedded Telemetry System)

IoT Demonstration System "PETs design is a cellular radio, carrier independent platform, including digital and analog I/O, local display and local serial communications."

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Paragon Embedded Telemetry System

Football Helmet Camera

Rugged Hi Definition Video Camera This high definition video camera system allows a wireless view of what the player sees on the field.

SVI Helmet Camera Football Helmet Camera

Container Breach Detection System

Shipping Container Breach Detection This IoT System Detects and communicates breaches and environmental information.

Eyeseal Container Breach Detection System

Driver Monitoring System

Monitors and reports driving behavior "This system uses OBD-II, 9 axis motion detection, GPS and cellular communication to monitor and report driving habits."

Enfora Murano Driver Monitoring System

Firefighter breathing monitor

First Responder Training Support "This monitors air consumption of a firefighter during training, predicts usage of SCBA air tanks and allows trainers to view everything in real time using Bluetooth Low Energy."

Blast Mask Breathing Monitor Firefighter breathing monitor

Cellular Cargo Monitor

Cellular Monitoring of Vibration "This system monitors and reports position, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity using GPS and cellular radios."

Emergency Responder Dispatch

Distributed system summons help. This system utilizes wireless “panic buttons” to summon emergency responders through multiple lines of communication such as voice radio.

Secure Tech Security System Emergency Responder Dispatch

Luxury Watch Winding System

High End Watch Winder Classic techno-style industrial design provides an elegant way to both display and wind luxury watches.

Ambrelus Watch Winder Luxury Watch Winding System

Sabretooth Processor Reference Platform

Transmission Controller Reference Paragon helped Motorola reinforce their relationship with Chrysler by designing an embedded system now relied on many Chrysler vehicles.

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Sabretooth Processor Reference Platform

Need embedded code written but don't know where to start? Paragon has nearly three decades of experience developing for the metal. We've got this.

Embedded software systems have changed the way that companies take products to market. These complex electronic devices bring life to a growing array of gadgets, making everything from mobile phones to medical equipment into "smart" machines.

Embedded software systems have changed the way that companies take products to market. These complex electronic devices bring life to a growing array of gadgets, making everything from mobile phones to medical equipment into "smart" machines.

Since our inception, Paragon Innovations has provided superior embedded software design services to our clients. As experts in both software and hardware design, our engineers pride themselves in designing products that exceed client expectations. We thrive on the challenge of optimizing the design to improve functionality, while reducing the size and cost of the product. The result is increased reliability and performance.

At Paragon, we combine creativity and technical expertise to provide state-of-the-art embedded software solutions for various industries. We rely heavily on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to offer a wide spectrum of solutions and applications, including real-time operating services, embedded Linux, and Windows embedded.

We are experts in:

  • Boot Loader and BIOS Development
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Drivers and other kernel development
  • Networking (Ethernet, WiFi 802.11, SNMP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP)
  • Wireless (Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, Cellular, LoRA, UWB, WiSun, SubGHZ, Zigbee)
  • Storage (SATA, AHCI, SCSI, HDD, CF, SD, NAND/NOR Flash, M.2)
  • Buses (1394, PCMCIA, PCIe, PCI, SPI, I2C, USB 2/3/C, RS485, Modbus)
  • Firmware upgrade strategies
  • Installers, Utilities, Libraries, Microcode
  • Embedded Applications, Test Applications
  • Signal Processing/Conditioning
  • Stack Porting (1394, IP/1394, TCP/IP, DCAM)
  • Real-time Protocol Translation, Custom Protocols
  • Drivers that implement protocols (PTP, SBP-2, RBC)
  • Reference Board FW Development
  • Windows, OSX, Linux
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Embedded Linux: (TimeSys, Monta Vista, Lynx OS, uCLinux)
  • FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, Micrium, Zephyr, ThreadX, Bare Metail, Win XPe, QNX, CE .NET, NetBSD, RTXC, Nucleus, Win CE, Symbian, VxWorks

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