Paragon Innovations designs the Andrew 3-alarm module.


Andrew Corp., a Richardson, Texas-based developer of humidity- control systems for microwave waveguides, wanted to create a single module that combined monitoring for excessive run-time, high relative-humidity levels and power failures. Older systems used three separate systems to detect each failure. It was Andrew’s first electronic design, so they turned to Paragon Innovations.

Paragon designed, developed and produced the 3-Alarm Module, fitting it with a wide-range input power supply and the ability to detect and sound alarms for excessive run-time, power failures and humidity levels above 7-percent relative humidity (RH). The module is still in production today.


  • Andrew has a universal solution which continues to increase the ROI of the design effort.
  • Andrew has a single product which has proved useful in multiple systems.
  • Complete hardware and software documentation – including IP rights – was provided to Andrew as a value-add.
  • Innovative power supply design, reduced inventory requirements, and simplified integration.
Prior Outsourcing Experience
  • None
Services Provided
  • Electronic design
  • Documentation
  • Production test procedures
  • Prototype assembly and test
Firsts for Client
  • First time that Andrew Corp. outsourced to Paragon
  • First electronic design for Andrew Corp.
Firsts for Paragon
  • First wide-input range power supply
  • First low relative-humidity measurement system
Features Suggested by Paragon
  • Ability to operate from any DC voltage from 10 to 68 Volts, and any AC voltage from 120 to 240 volts, in a single unit
Target Production Size
  • 100 per month
Hardware Features
  • Power failure alarm
  • Wide-range input power
  • Excessive run-time alarm
  • Humidity alarm protection below 7% RH
  • Design to fit existing mechanical enclosure
PCB Technology
  • 2-layer board
  • Allegro layout package with 10/10 design rules
  • OrCad schematic capture package
Primary Hardware Vendors
  • Hy-Cal Engineering
  • Harris
  • Linear Technology
  • Form C relay contacts
  • UL 60950
Long-Term Results
  • Still in production today