Paragon Innovations develops Myocardial Protection System for Quest Medical

Quest Medical sought the ultimate turnkey solution from Paragon: develop and direct the manufacture of a new medical device and help the company establish a client-based engineering lab with new staff, new equipment and new processes. Within 12 months, Paragon produced a device that remains an industry standard and established a complete lab and process solution employing 30 engineers.


Looking to return to the medical instrument manufacturing business following a steady and successful focus on developing and marketing non-electronic medical products, Quest Medical turned to Paragon Innovations. The company directed Paragon to develop a Myocardial Protection System – a vital component of the heart-lung medical machinery that re- circulates blood during heart surgery.

Working closely with the chief executive, Paragon brought to bear its disciplined approach to aiding the design solution, documenting the development process and producing the prototype required for FDA testing. Pursuing the careful but urgent timetable that so often characterizes outsourcing engagements, Paragon helped the company produce a high-quality medical device within a timeframe that shaved weeks off industry norms for this type of development work, helping the company return to the lucrative medical instrument category more quickly than even the chief executive thought was possible. Additionally, Paragon interviewed and oversaw the hiring of new engineers for the company’s new in-house engineering lab, developed the engineering protocols for the new lab and oversaw the acquisition of parts and equipment. As a result, Quest marked its successful return to the medical instrument category with its Myocardial Protection System supported by a new in-house capability to ensure its continued success.


  • Within 12 months of retaining Paragon, Quest began marketing its new Myocardial Protection System.
  • This system remains an industry standard and a hugely successful brand for Quest .
  • Established Quest’s in-house engineering lab with new staff, new equipment and new processes.