Paragon Is Helping U.S. Signs Take on the Goliaths of the Lighting Industry

US LED, a commercial sign manufacturer with clients such as AMC Theatres, Discount Tires, Ruby Tuesdays and Michael’s Arts & Crafts, was expanding into the lucrative LED market. Paragon Innovations was retained to develop a new product line to offer businesses as a better alternative to current neon light configurations.


US LED wanted a proprietary product that would produce the most light for the least amount of power per dollar of cost to the sign company. The additional goal was that the overall cost to the sign company for an LED-lit set of letters installed on the wall approximate that of a like set of neon-lit letters.

Paragon's objectives:

  • Design the product to be clearly superior to anything offered by major competitors
  • Develop the product so that it is virtually copy-proof
  • Recommend sources and negotiate terms with vendors for quality parts and to maximize cash flow


Before Paragon could begin the design phase, it was imperative to first understand how the product would be used. So, Paragon engineers went to the field and learned first hand from the lighting experts how lights were installed and replaced.


Working where perfection was expected and urgency drove deadlines, Paragon developed a new product which exceeded expectations and secured a long-term client relationship.

  • Within five months of retaining Paragon, U.S. Signs began marketing its LED products nationally.
  • The new products are ranked ranked highest in four key categories based on empirical measurements: brightest light, most consistent light, least power consumed, and best price
  • Acting as a business advisor, Paragon helped U.S. Signs select vendors and secure favorable terms from vendors.

US Signs has retained Paragon to develop products for other colors, including white — considered the “Holy Grail.”